Hi everyone! How’s your Sunday going? I got up late, relaxed, had a brunch and drank some coffee, made pictures for this post and worked on a few things I needed to do for school. Today I’m going to talk about some things I’ve been really enjoying lately and wanted to share with you guys! I’ve divided the list in multiple catagories, to make it a little easier. Also, not everything I’m going to talk about is photographed in the picture above. Keep reading to figure out what I recommend!

1. TV shows / movies

New girl

This show is hands down (next to Modern Family) the funniest serie I’ve ever seen. I just love the different sorts of humor in it, especially the character of Schmidt. Definitely a must see.

The Originals

I’ve also started watching this, since a good friend of mine INSISTED on seeing it, haha. I didn’t know what to really think of it in the beginning, but now I’m hooked!

BTW: there are a lot more shows that I watch, but those are the most recent ones.

2. Food


This flavor of the ‘eat natural’ bars has been my favorite go-to recently. I’ve been snacking on it during school. I like it because even though it’s healthy, it’s really yummy! The combination of apricot and almond coated with yoghurt is just so good, believe me.

3. Book

SAM_2628 SAM_2629

This is not really a book, but I just wanted to tell you about it anyways. Unfortunately, this is for my Dutch followers only, since it is written in Dutch. I got this little ‘anthology’ from my mother who bought it in Amsterdam. It’s from the brand Suhka (which means ‘the joyness of life in India) and the little poems are about the little things in life that can yet give you so much happiness. Reading them really made me feel a lot more happy and content with my life. The writing style is really funny and cute and the illustrations are also very lovely. I wanted to translate this little poem about ‘little lights’, but I figured that it wouldn’t rime in English and it just wouldn’t be the same, sadly.

4. Internet page

I’m pretty addicted to the vlogchannel of the famous Youtuber Zoella. I love to watch her daily vlogs where she keeps you updated about her life in Brighton, the stuff she’s been up to lately, cool events she attends, her lovely friends, delicious lunches and way more. I just love her personality and style and her appartement is so cute! Keep it up Zoe, you’re so great!

5. Music


I’m really fond of listening to Spotify playlists lately, this way I discover so much new songs. Especially the cozy/fall/café ones since they just get me in that ‘autumn mood’. The one in the picture is called ‘Coffeehouse’. It’s a really relaxing playlist. Also appropriate to listen to while you get up in the morning or trying to sleep at night.

5. Make up / beauty products

I’ve got a few for this catagorie, hehe.


First of all, this ‘Mocha Rose Chocolat/café (Moka)Rose’ lipbalm from ‘Smiths’. Pfff, that was a mouth full, haha! What I love about this lipbalm is asides the pretty packaging (looks a little vintage, so cute), is the smell. No, it hasn’t got that sweet, strawberry / vanilla scent, but you it smells like chocolate! So cool, especially in combination with the rose. Besides, it of course leaves your lips super soft after applying it.

SAM_2624 SAM_2625

This body butter from the Body Shop is heaven! Not only it’s super hydrathing for your body, it smells just like a real life passionfruit (which is one of my favorite fruits ever)! I love this brand, since it has all natural ingredients in it and their products just lasts such a long time! It may be a little pricey, but hey, this is one of those treats that you gotta need once in a while!

SAM_2632 SAM_2633

In Holland they only have few a Baby Lips flavours in stores sadly. I’m really keen on them (which is the reason I keep updated to know when there will be a new lipbalm avalaible here, haha). This is the newest they’ve got. Besides the cute packaging (always an advantage) does it also smell just like peaches, yum! The thing about Baby Lips, if you already didn’t know, is that they keep your lips moisturized and kissable. This version gives your lips also a little shimmer and a little bit of a nude colour. Ideal if you don’t want to have those super ‘dashing’ lips, you know what I’m saying?


Clinique clarifying lotion

As for last, I’ve also really been enjoying this clarifying lotion from Clynique my grandma gave me. I love this brand because it’s completely fragrance free, which doesn’t leave your skin irritated or whatsoever. This cleanser leaves my skin feel super fresh and clean, which I really like. I use this after washing my face with a normal cleanser, and after that I put on a moisturizer.

6. Random

My favorite and last catagory, yay! I have got  more than just one thing I want to talk about, so let’s keep it quick.


Yankee Candle in the scent: Soft Blanket. 

As I’ve already mentioned once before, one of the best things I love about fall is burning candles. One of my favourites is this one, since it smells cozy, yet fresh. A funny and sweet combination, I approve!


This little plant just gave my hipster level a big boost, but hey, I don’t care. It’s cute! It gives my room an extra touch (I feel like everyone needs at least one plant in their room, for that ‘fresh feel’).

SAM_2640SAM_2641 SAM_2642

Washi Tape

I believe my mom actually started this trend, haha! She’s also the person who own’s all of them (except for the ones in the last picture, those officialy are mine). I love to use these to decorate things with (such as my agenda and calculator, etc.).

That’s it! I enjoy writing about things like this, and there’s a lot more I want to ramble about guys, so expect more of this in the future (if you like it of course). Perhaps I could start doing this monthly, what do you think? Also, if you have any questions about the products I mentioned above (or something else) don’t be afraid to ask! I love talking to you. Okay, I’m gonna go now. Have a lovely Sunday! X