Hi loves!
Today I’m attempting to give your negative thoughts a positive swirl, because yep, its coming. Fall is on its way!
From warm, long, relaxing days at the pool to the colder, hardworking days. I think it’s also the fact that you have to go back to school / work again, that makes the switch between the seasons so big (especially after a long time of having fun).
I feel like 80% of the world finds summer the best season, but when it comes to me, it’s always been the autumn. Why? Well here’s 9 reasons why! For more inspiration to get in the mood, click here for my fall-collection on WeHeartit!

1. Hot chocolate

Lovisaa ~Credits
Do I need to say more? Well, maybe some other ideas for beverages:
For example, the Starbucks drinks with those good old (or maybe even new) delicious flavours…heaven… “Yes that would be a hot, large caramel-cinnamon latté with extra wipped cream and chocolate for me please?”
Or that warm mug of tea, or another hot, delicious drink.

2. Layering outfits

ready for fall credit

Fall fashion, gotta love it. Cute flannels and sweaters, tights with a cute dress, that beautiful coat that is too hot to wear in summer, scarfs and beanies. And the best thing, you can wear it all at once!  Click here for a link to a fall inspired must-have collection I made on my Polyvore 3 years ago.

3. The weather

Hello Autumn  credit

Now you might think that the weather completely sucks compared to the summer, but think twice. It has more advantages than you might think.

-The crispy air. It’s not too hot, not too cold, exactly good. Going out for a walk in the woods is so refreshing, really, don’t underestimate it! (Ps: remember the multiple times that you WISHED that you’d be in a snowstorm when the sun is almost burning you and making you sweat and stuff? Yeah, bet it feels relieving now, doesn’t it?)

-The environment. The leaves are so pretty!

-An excuse to stay in bed all day (which is a excuse to watch all your favorite series!)

-The smell. Yes the smell. The smell of the leaves, the smell of hazelnuts, the smell of pumkins. And the smell of cinnamon and hot chocolate… ahhh…(oh wait, that doesn’t come from the weather, oops)

4. Burning scented candles


Since we were already talking about scents… Scented candles are literally one of my favorite things this planet has ever invented. In Holland here we don’t have a Bad&Body Works, which makes it even more depressing after I examinated literally ALL the fall scents they have on their site there. Oh my god, I just rememberd that I made a collection of scented candles on my wehearit page 3 years ago. But I mean, just have a look. Doesn’t this make you super excited?

5. New Series 

Bed credit

Did you almost die waiting on your fav show to appear on television during summer break again? Or are you in for a new one? No more waiting, get that popcorn ready baby!

6. Things are gonna get awkward, but we all know what I’m talking about: Not having to shave your legs every single day. No explanation needed.

7. Sweater weather

Tumblr credit

I already talked about it, but I just need to emphasize this a tiny bit more. Big, oversized, warm, soft, cute sweaters. My favorite.

8. Halloween 

Ghost jack o' lantern for Halloween | via Tumblr credit

Dressing up with your girlfriends, going crazy on the make-up, hair and costumes and taking a lot of pictures and selfies afterwards. Things like this create the best memories, right?

9. The food

Life Is Sweet At Confectionery Bliss | via Tumblr credit 

And by the food, I mean pumpkins. Mostly pumpkins, yeah. But I also feel like every single woman bakes a lot more in the fall, am I right ladies? Pumpkin pie (there’s the pumpkin again), cinnamonbread, applepie, cookies, etc. I could ramble on.

Have a good day, make it memorizable!

What do you love about fall? And what is your favorite beverage? 

ps: Don’t get me wrong, I feel the struggle. There’s almost nothing more that I want than to add a little, hmmm let’s say, 3 months to my vacation? Who’s with me!?