Hi! How are you guys? I’m EXHAUSTED from a loooong day in Paris. I’ve been all around the place, but that only means one thing: more hotspots and pictures for you!

1. Le marais
Le marais is a really fun, hip district where a lot of fashionable people shop, lunch and hang out. It has high-end brands like Lacoste and Karl Lagerfeld, but also more unknown, yet awesome stores like this jewelry shop with such cute necklaces, rings and charms (and yep, they also had 2 other really cool vintage stores, one with those super trendy “John Lennon sunglasses”, you know what I mean?ahh pure perfection! That one was closed though…sadly 😦 )
Whatever, where was I? Oh yeah. It was so chill and fun there! Such a cool place to hang out. Even the fashion style of the guys there was on point! And, not to forget, the lunch cafés there were also pretty delicious, cosy and fun!

2. Champs d’Elysée
Next up we went to the most famous street of whole France: champs d’elysée. And yes, of course, I went to Ladurée. I had to stand in a queue for like 25 minutes, and the price was €2 per macaron, but it was worth it! You gotta need that luxurious little feeling once in a while, and for me, this was the perfect solution ;).
The huge, long street is full of famous stores (from H&M to Prada, it’s got it all). Tip for if you spent too much money and energie on shopping: yes there even is a MacDonalds. BUT: this one is better then all the other Mac’s because it also sells macarons, frapés, brownies, cupcakes, donuts and more delicious coffee to go. And since it’s the only place where it’s affordable…

3. The market close to the Eiffel Tower
Okay, I know this is a really touristic place and a lot of stalls there sell stuff from all around the world, which might disturb your “French mood”, but if you’re hungry/thirsty; check out the stall with the man making smoothies, you can’t miss it. He doesn’t only make fresh smoothies with ingredients of your choice, he also sells healty super fruits! Don’t worry if you are craving something rather ‘unhealthy’ because they also sell donuts and even cronuts (a mix between a donut and a croissant)! This way you have something to snack on while you are perhaps sitting in the park looking at the breathtaking Eiffel Tower.

Some pictures
I made a lot more photos on my Canon camera, but I can’t put them to my mobile (yet).

IMG_1828.JPGSomewhere in le marais

IMG_1830-0.JPG This shop was so cute!


IMG_1835.JPG The one and only: La Durée


IMG_1833.JPGL’arc de triomphe


IMG_1896.JPGCHANEL! When I finally found the store, it was sadly already closed 😥

I’m going to Disneyland for the first time in my life today! What are your plans?