Hi lovelies! Sooooo I’m in a little town next to Paris right now (which is why I haven’t blogged lately) to finally celebrate the holidays (although I have to go to school again soon 😦 )!
To be honest my favorite holiday destination will always be Italy, but you know what they say: “Paris is always a good idea!”

We’ve only been to Paris one day (yesterday), but we are planning on going another 2 days this week, yay! Although I’ve only been on one side of this big, fabulous city, I’ve got some really cool addresses for you!

1. Les halles
1-7 rue Pierre-Lescot

When we arrived here by the metro, I didn’t want to leave. Les Halles is a underground shopping mall with awesome brands like New Look and many more. They also had a lot of cool, small places to eat such as a little cafe with yummy to-go sandwiches and salads, a burrito-shop (yes, that actually exists and it looked sooo good), macarons and more. Oh, I could already spent my whole day there (just like the huge shopping mall in La DefΓ¨nse, my favorite). Also, outside Les Halles are even more stores like a huge H&M, Jennyfers (didn’t know that brand before, but check it out), Pimkie and the Bershka (haaaallelujah)!

2. Boulevard Saint-Germain

Oh, the shops they had. Oh my god. From luxurious make-up stores you don’t have here in Holland (except for Amsterdam maybe) like Bobbi Brown and Jo Malone to fashion stores like Isabel Marant and more; they had everything! And we weren’t even in the most famous ‘quartier’ in Paris (that’s yet to come…) But the best tip I can give you: the kilo-shop vintage store that was there. Oh my, best vintage shop I’ve ever been! From old-school leather jackets to cute pokadot skirts and from shoes to fabulous big black hats (so hot right now) and the perfect high-waisted shorts! I wish I made pictures there because they had so much! Have I even mentioned the army-jacket and christmas sweaters they had? So cool.

3. Cosi
54, Rue du Seine, Paris

Cozi is a lunchcafe with THE MOST delicious pains (sandwiches) EVER. Good price, fresh and delicious ingredients and the best bread you’ll ever taste, I swear. But that’s not all, no no. They had salads, juices, yoghurt, lemon cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate cake and the most perfect tiramisu (I’m crazy for tiramisu). BTW, did I mention it’s super cozy ;)? People were standing in a queue (even business men in suit while having a lunch-break). Too bad it’s pretty small in there, so you have to fight for a spot. But: you can have takeaway too!
Ugh, why did I forget to make a picture of my sandwich? Damn…

Since I’m writing this on my phone I can’t put the pictures in the places where I want them to be, so here’s a short serie of some snaps: