Hi! So since I’m quite new here I thought it was a good idea to do a rather personal post today, so that you can get to know me a little better :).

Date of Birth? July 15th

How tall are you? I’m 168 cm, sorry I don’t now my length in inches

What did you thought when you woke up today? Actually, quite the opposite of what I always think when I wake up. Most times I just think FML, it’s too early! But today I was determinded and I thought: I’m going to be productive today!

Where are you right now? In my bed on my laptop writing this post, haha.

Single / in a relationshiop Single baby!

Describe yourself in a few words: Determinded unicorn believer. Haha, just kidding. Hmmm, hard one actually! Creative caring optimistic? Lol I genuinely can’t do this haha. 


 large (1) large (2)

I don’t have a boyfriend or crush right now, so my celebrity crush would be Douglas Booth/Dave Franco/Zac Efron/Austin Butler/etc. etc. Woah just too many! Girlcrush would be Ariana Grande/Vanessa Hudgens.

What do really you want right now? NACHOS AND QUACAMOLE! LIKE DAMNNNN

What is your goal in life?

superthumb   To make a change, at least just for only one person. It’s really cliché, but it’s true and I think that eventually this is everyone’s first priority: to be happy. To don’t have to worry that much, to have a stable job, house, relationship, etcetera.

What are you afraid of? Death. I fear it so much. Not only for me, but for someone I care about, like my mother.

Do you have your driver-license? Nope.

Nailpolish or lipstick? Nailpolish, since I rarely wear lipstick. Although, lately I don’t wear any nailpolish at all and I really want to start wearing lipstick more, soooo yeah #1stworldproblems.

What is your favorite season of the year?  thumb (11) Autumn. Or spring. Or winter (only for christmas & snow tho). Or summer. Okay, if I had to pick one, I’m going to go with the one I’ve always liked as a kid: autumn.





Do you want to get maried one day? Yes, but only if I’m HELLA sure that that guy is THE ONE.

Are you a healthy-freak? Yep, pretty much. I love superfood, vegables and all that jazz, although that used to be different when I was younger ;). But I don’t holla back for an big icecream / cake / brownie and basically everything that tastes like it’s been created by god but it’s so bad for you that you believe it’s created by the devil. Yup.

What color hair do you have and which length? I have mid-long auburn-brown hair.

Which clothing piece / make-up item do you really want right now? Ugh, I want too much Some things would be Dr. Martens, a wildfox sweater and these pineapple shorts , so cute!

Do you have tattoos? Nope.

Do you have piercings? Nope.

Do you wear glasses? Nope again.

What is you perfect pizza? Thanks for asking whoever made this tag up! Yasssss. Okay, my favorite pizza would be a crunchy bottom with tomato sauce (of course) topped with: mozzerella (lot’s of it!!), tuna, basilicum, pineapple, oregano, courgette, paprika, union, parmezan cheese, mushrooms, garlic and probably more. Okay, I’m DEFINATELY hungry right now!

Favorite food/beverage?

thumb (7) thumb (6)   How can I possibly chose only one thing? Anything Italian (is that an anwser? idk & idc) and as for fruits mango/pineapple/passion fruit. OMG, I can’t even chose my fave fruit! Sorry, haha. As for drinks: Mojito! Or a smoothie, yummm… Although I also crave everything Starbucks, coffe and hot chocolate.

What’s your favorite perfume? Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

What is the last thing you bought? Boots from H&M.

What did you do this morning at 8 o’clock? Uhh, dreaming.

Favorite ice cream? 

thumb (8) Italian ice cream! I always try out new flavours, so I’ve tasted A LOT of flavours in my life. Hmmm, my top 3, make that 5, would be yoghurt (or just Frozen Yoghurt in general), oreo, mango, cookies, and anything with chocolate. As for brands definately Ben&Jerry’s.

Are you a heavy sleeper, or do you always wake up early? Heavy sleeper, since I always have a very hard time waking up, ugh.

What are your plans for next year? (2015) To keep on blogging, to pass my exams (!!!), to make new memories and friends and laugh a lot 😀 .

With how many pillows do you sleep in bed? 2 big ones.

Are you a morning or an evening person? 

thumb (13) Evening person, all the way!







Are you organized or messy? I’d rather say somewhere inbetween, is that a possibility? I hope so.

What do you want to see right now? The disneymovie ‘The emperor’s new Groove’, I ain’t gonna lie people. It’s hilarious.

What do you expect to have achieved in 10 years? That I have a job I love, that I’m living a happy life in my home toghether with my husband :). I’m such a basic bitch right now, I know.

Who do you miss right now? My grandpa, RIP.

What is you favorite bodypart about yourself? I honestly don’t know. I can’t think of everything.

Are you shy? Yep, but I’m working on it!

Do you have an accent? Not that know of, haha.

Sisters/brothers, how old? I have a brother called Floris, he’s 13 now. I also have a half-sister called Fenne who’s almost 7. And I have a stephbrother Tom (23) and a stephsister Lisa (21).

What does you daily life look like? I wake up, put on my clothes, have breakfast, then I brush my teeth. After that I leave for school. Most times I’m home around 3pm/15:00. Then I eat something, make some homework. In my sparetime I mostly go on the internet to watch youtube/go on tumblr/blog/watch Pretty Little Liars, Orange Is The New Black, American Horror Story, Teen Wolf and Game of Thrones (I know, I know). Or I go on the Wii, exersice or hang out with my friends.Yeah, something like that.

Pffffffff, that was a lot man! I hope you enjoyed discovering stuff about my personal life. If you did and want a sequel (but this time with more original questions), leave a comment below! Ciao!