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When I think of Parisian fashion, make-up and other typical “Parisian things”, those are the first word that pop up in my head.

Since I’m going to Paris (for the 3th time in my life) next week, I want to adjust to the ambiance and fashion there, you know, just for fun! I don’t like to be recognized as a tourist, I guess ;).

But since all the brands that are invented in France (like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.) are pretty expensive (and I’m quite poor, haha), I had to find a different way to still look fashionable and classy, yet simple and budgetproof.

So here’s my guide to the Paris-look on make-up, hair and fashion!


Parisians always look well put-togheter and elegant yet they never look overdressed.

Actually, their way of style is actually really simple and casual if you look a little better. Big coats, a simple shirt and jeans, a outstanding scarf/shawl, classic shoes and beautiful accesoiries is their general “go-to look”. Or a classy yet prominent dress, but the rest left simple.

Basically, they chose some fashionable items that stand out, but leave the rest simple to create a casual yet really fashionable look.

Here’s a collage I made of some items which I would be Paris-appropiate:


For a larger image or if you want to see were the items are from, click here.



Parisians are actually really famous of their nonchalant, almost bare-faced, clean, pretty look.

Maybe not what you expected, but a lot of them don’t even wear make-up at all!

So this is what I would go for:

First things first: Make sure to have a hydrated, clean, washed face. A good base is half the job. Parisians are famous of their egal and clear facesm so try to rinse and maintain the skin of your face frequently to keep your skin healthy and to achieve the most optimal result as possible. This way, no layers of foundation are needed anymore (which is also much better for your skin).

1. Put on a daycream (I recommend this one from Clinique)

2. If you have a lot of blemishes, redness and other skin-irritations put on a tinted moisturizer / bb or cc cream. Less is more! The more natural, the better!

3. Draw a thin, yet perfect line as close to the lashes as possible with a black eyeliner.

4. Curl your lashes

5. Put on your mascara. (I’d personally go for this one)

6. If you want you can put on a peachy blush and some bronzer

7. Put on a tinted lipbalm / light-pink lipgloss / red lipstick.

Of course it doesn’t matter at all how you do your make-up, this is just what I thaught the average Parisian would do.


As I said before, real Parisians go for the just-got-out-of-bed-but-I-yet-look-perfect look, so you might as well don’t pay that much of attention to your hair at all.

However, since you don’t live there and probably want to put a little more effort (for the selfies you’re gonna take with the eiffeltower of course, duh!), here are my personal favorites:

1. The French Β braidΒ (see what I did there πŸ˜‰ ?)

largeΒ Click here for a tutorial on the classic french braid

2. The “messy” look. (Just put some sea salt spray in your hair, give it some volume, use your fingers to style it, maybe braid some small piecesΒ et voila!)



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I hope this helped and that I maybe gave you some inspiration for your future trip to Paris!

Au revoir et bisous! Goodbye and kisses!