“YAY, it’s summer, FREEDOM!” , you shout on the last day of school / work.

You’ve got plans for ten, but after a week or two you come to the realisation that you’re bored and have got nothing to do. Know the feeling? Well, I got you covered. Here are 8 things to do in summer (outside and inside)!


1. Okay, time to relax. No more (home)work, no more stress, you’ve got all the time! Treat yourself after all that stress you’ve been through all year. Give yourself a spa day at home! I’m talking about:

– making your own facemask by basically grabbing food from home (for example yoghurt + oat/sugar + smashed banana + honey or smashed avocado + honey + coconut oil). Yes, it’s actually that simple! It’s not only better for your skin than all that fabricated sh*t. Plus, it’s super cheap and fun! On the internet are hundreds of recipes. Some of my  favorites are this avocado mask, this strawberry acne mask and this cocoa mask.

-buy yourself something from Lush like a bathbomb and have a long, relaxed bath. No bath? Don’t worry, they also have showergels and many more stuff.

-give yourself a pedicure, do your hair, ask your mom / friend / boyfriend to massage you etc. Just do all the things that make you relaxed.


2. Watch all the movies / series you’ve always wanted to see but never had the time for.

Do I need to say more? I think we all have those classic or new films / soaps we still want to see. If it was for me, I’m going to watch Orange Is The New Black (serie), maybe Breaking Bad or the Vampire Diaries (series) and as for movies Black Swan, The Amazing Spiderman, The Host, Gimme Shelter and many more.


3. Go to the beach! Okay, this one’s a classic, but there are people who keep procrastinating this. I’ve there’s anything you need to do in summer, it’s this. The beach just has that summer vibe written all over itself. Chill, eat ice cream, read a book or magazine, swim in the ocean (daily workout? Done.) etc. Have friends to accompany you? Great! Go with them and stay untill the evening. Have dinner with some candles on the sand, or have a bonfire with marsmellows! Here’s to the memories!

4. Make new friends. Even if you aren’t on holiday, you still can make new friends in your hometown! that’s even more efficient because they live near you. How / where do I do that? Well, at places like the beach, ice cream salon, mall, park, lake, swimpool and other places you like to hang out. This way you meet new people with the same interests as you. Shy? Don’t be! It’s summer, you are happy and if you let that shine through everybody can see how fun you are to be around!

5. Re-decorate your room. This way you can start of the new year fresh and fabulous. Always wanted to decorate your room with (polaroid) pictures but never got the time? Do it! Go on tumblr, or make your own summer pics, print them out, cut them out and voila!

6. Find a new hobby or develop a new talent. Always wanted to speak Italian? To be a better cook? To invent a new smoothie recipe? To do the summersault? To play the ukelele? You name it. For every single thing is a youtube video, really. Everythings possible, and since you’ve got the time, there are no more excuses left. Use your time efficient to feel more satisfied at the end of your holidays.

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7. Who says your own country is boring? There are probably a lot of towns (big or small) you still haven’t been. Plan a day with someone or along to explore the city. Set a goal to find the cutest hotspots and coffee shop there is. As result: a new favorite place to go, a fun day, a delicious lunch and another summer memorie.

8. Use the time to:

– have a extensive breakfast and lunch. You’re not in a hurry anymore!

– find your inner self. What is your passion? What do you want to study? Are you happy? How are you going to change that? Are you stressed? Well now’s the time to become all zen. In the options below are also some activities that might help with that;

– read a book. But really. Read a book! Everyone is so concentraded on there mobile phone and other things related to WiFi so they totally forget that books actually still exists. All that radiation is really bad for not only your brains, it’s also bad for your eyes and skin. A book doesn’t has radiation. It’s a pure thing. Try it. You’ll remember what actual fun it was to read, trust me.

– discover new blogs / youtubers

I could go on and on about this subject.

If you still think this isn’t enough (which I understand) leave a comment below and perhaps I’ll write a sequal article.

And remember, it’s okay to do completely nothing sometimes. You need to rest, it’s normal.