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Eat your skin healthy! Easy & Vegan


I’m a big believer of always starting within the inside, if you want to really change something. You can use this ‘rule’ for (almost) every aspect of life; such as relationships, school
results, happiness, your mental state and of course, your health. I’m going to talk about health, and since that’s a very specific subject, skincare specifically. Make-up can superficially enhance your appearance  of course, but that doesn’t really last longer than a day, does it? However, for a 24/7 natural glow and a smooth, balanced skin-tone, you need to dig deeper. Of course, a good cleanser, tonic and moisturizer can do wonders on helping you out. But to efficiently treat a specific skin-problem, you’re gonna have to go back to the roots Continue reading “Eat your skin healthy! Easy & Vegan”

The 500 best places on the planet… Ultimate Travelist


So quite a while ago I purchased this book from lonely planet at Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam. That particular day, it was raining, the book was heavy (so it eventually broke through the weak carton bag) and it costed about 30 euros, but once I had laid my eyes on the stunning pictures of these beautiful places, I could just not not bring it home with me.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Continue reading “The 500 best places on the planet… Ultimate Travelist”

Organic Skincare Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta

Looking for a natural skincare range with interesting ingredients such as shea butter, babassu, avocado and rosehip? Maybe the brand Rio Rosa Mosqueta is perfect for you! The name of the brand is basically the name of there base-ingredient: rosehips from the rose Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa, originating from the Chilean Andes Mountains. *I’m not sponsored to write this post, I have just got 3 items that I would like to share with you*

A dermatologist once told me that it’s better for your skin to stick to just one range of products when it comes to skincare. This will make it easier for your skin to work along. I own the exfoliator, the cream cleanser and the moisturizing cream. Let’s review them, shall we? Continue reading “Organic Skincare Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta”

An ode to Prince: did you know this?


Still speechless since two days ago… Prince was is my mother’s greatest idol and therefore he has also been an important part of my life as well. Just last summer we were still jamming to his new album Art Official Age in the car all the time. It looked like he was getting back on track, and he definitely wasn’t retiring at all. He still had so much to offer (people say he has more than 200 unreleased albums stocked in his studio in Minneapolis). What’s also very contradicting, is the fact that he was so young and healthy (he lives a super clean live). He had a never ending source of energy and was probably always living his life to the fullest. Prince was definitely a great inspiration for getting away with dressing like a woman every so often. He made androgen-men seem sexy. All of this together makes it such an unbelievable shock to think that he just isn’t with us on earth anymore.IMG_7375 Continue reading “An ode to Prince: did you know this?”

30 things I’m grateful for (and so should you)

I wholeheartly believe that if you want to achieve and attract certain things in your life, you should be thankful for what you’ve got first. However, sometimes coming up with those points can be a hard job. Therefore it’s always convenient to have something to look up and read for some inspiration on things to be grateful for. Everytime you’ll look at it, it will help you. These are some of the things I’m grateful for, from big to small. Do we have some similar points? Keep on reading to find out!


Continue reading “30 things I’m grateful for (and so should you)”

Spring vibes – playlist


Spring is officially here! To get you in the mood, I collected some happy, fresh songs that will guarantee to get you pumped and feel at light/fresh all at the same time. Because that’s basically what spring means, right? I’ll keep the playlist updated throughout the whole season. If you have any recommendations, be free to suggest them in the comments down below! Happy spring babes X Continue reading “Spring vibes – playlist”

Some stuff I’ve been obsessed with lately


Hi loves! Here’s a little post on a few random things I’ve been loving the past weeks. Everyting mentioned here I totally recommend you to use (okay, maybe except for the socks). It ranges from beauty to food to lifestyle, so keep reading! Continue reading “Some stuff I’ve been obsessed with lately”

17 and a health-freak #help

Dear readers,

most people in my environment know by now that I prefer healthy, organic meals over a Big Mac. I’ve been into the ‘healthy’ kind of nutrition for some years now, but it’s only until quite recently that people actually know that about me. All of this, because I always was afraid to tell my friends that I’d rather not go for the cheap, junk-food option; which is, in most cases, something like the McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong, at the age of 14 I looooved those big brownies and greasy pizza’s, just like everybody else does (if not more than average). But at the end of the day, it made me feel gross (aside from the upset hormones within my body of course).  Continue reading “17 and a health-freak #help”

March playlist

Wow, March already has arrived. That went way too fast, damn. Anyway, new month, new songs, new playlist!

I’ll be updating on a daily basis, some tracks may leave, other will be added. Add me to follow the journey!


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